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Lily Siirtola Becomes 2nd Century Club Member

Lily Siirtola has reached the 100 point mark in Accelerated Reader points.  She is the 2nd student this year to meet the goal of 100 point goal and become a Century Club member.  Congratulations!  She is in Mrs. Bolz third grade class.

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Open House Fun!

We want to thank all of the parents who came to our Open House.  It is a great opportunity to see the students classrooms, teachers and other students.   Students had fun looking at medieval armor and helmets when they attended Open House.  Click on the two slide shows to some pictures from Open House.

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Easton Willis First Member of Century Club!

Easton Willis is the first to reach 100 Accelerated Reader points this year.  Congratulations to Easton on a job well done!  We award each student who reaches 100 points with a Century Club t-shirt.  We love to see the excitement of the students as they earn points from reading.  

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Palo Duro Canyon "Texas" Field Trip

This was a great field trip to Palo Duro.  The kids learned about the play “Texas” and part of their dance and a few lines from the show.  The students really joined in and enjoyed the experience.  We went backstage and traveled through a backstage underground tunnel from stage right to stage left that the actors and actresses use so the audience won’t see them.  We then had lunch in . . .

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The Welcome Dragon!

First through Sixth graders worked collaboratively to create a dragon for our Medieval Theme that demonstrates the element of art known as Line. Each student designed their own page to reinforce their understanding of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines. We explored how lines can be bent or curvy and broken to create angles and an infinite number of configurations. Be sure and stop by to see our Dragon of Lines.

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Element of Lines

Kindergarteners have been busy in Fine Arts exploring the use of art materials, techniques and learning the element of lines. In order to begin painting, there’s a lot to cover first. We read a wonderful story called I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! It uses humor and rhyming to show to only paint on paper, and not to paint on their heads or hands or legs or their friends’ heads or they won’t be painting anymore! We . . .

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2nd Grade Honors Patriots

2nd grade learned about Patriot Day during the week of 9/11.  We drew pictures and made a Patriot quilt honoring America and those who are brave!

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Adventures Await on the Royal Reading Road

Rylee Siirtola was the first to have her character and name put on the Accelerated Reading Board this year.  Each year we track the students' progress by points earned from testing on books they read.  They are moved to the bulletin board once they have accumulated 10 points or more.  Posing with Rylee is her younger sister Trinity.   When the students reach 100 points their character will . . .

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