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November Fitness Challenge

Turkey Jacks!

We’ve had a great year in PE so far!  We’ve learned some new skills, and are learning new ways to stay ACTIVE and get STRONGER!  During November the kids were challenged to complete 946 “turkey jacks”! 29 students were successful at completing this challenge!  Way to go!  Be on the lookout for the next take home PE challenge!

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1st Century Club Member of the Year!

Taylor Autry was awarded his Century Club T-shirt this morning for earning 100 Accelerated Reader points.  He is the first student this year to earn this award.  We look forward to awarding many more shirts this year.  

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1st Grade Learns Through Art

  October was a fun and busy month for first grade.  We worked on nouns: making them plural, possessive, and proper.  We also worked on composing and decomposing numbers.  Mrs. Story is a little obsessed with Halloween, so we did several art projects to go with our math and language.  We had to use what we learned to complete our art projects.  Be sure to ask your student what number they had to . . .

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Dancing in the Halls

Wear Red Day

October 26th was designated as "Wear Red Day" at our school.  Students celebrated being drug free by dancing in the halls!

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Halloween Costumes

Our students enjoyed a costume contest and a bowling party on Halloween.  Fun, fun, fun!

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Fire Department Visits

The Hoover Volunteer Fire Department presented an educational program on fire safety to our students in October.  The students were allowed to ask questions and were encouraged to discuss evacuation plans with their families.  Then the students were given information on fire safety and fireman hats.  The students also had to opportunity to inspect the fire truck and ask more questions about it.  We would like to say . . .

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Western Expansion is This Year's Theme

The wagons are hitched, the supplies are ready, and we are off on our trail.  The journey will be long, but rich with learning and experience along the way.  As the wagon train pushes westward there are bound to be some Native American tribes we run into.  There will not be a shortage of cowboys around the Lone Star state, and the Pioneers will guide us to complete our Manifest Destiny of knowledge. We are having . . .

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1st Grade Math Fun!

First grade is off to a great start!  In math we have graphed, (with skittles and popcorn), and we have started grouping tens and ones.  In science we have learned about how and why our shadows seem to change during the day.  Keep watching as we rarely have a dull moment!   Click on the picture to see the slide show.

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Cowboy Stories

Deep in the Heart of Texas is the third and fourth grade classroom theme this year.  The students will be learning throughout the year about the early history of Texas and even up to present day as well.  People from all over know  that everything is "bigger" in Texas.  Therefore to begin the year the students have been collaborating in groups to create their own tall tale versions about a cowboy named . . .

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Gummy Bear Math

The third and fourth grade class started the new school year with a yummy approach to math. Each student was given their own share of gummy bears and asked to guess, collect data, sort, graph, and follow mathematical steps. Once everyone had completed their work the students collaborated to find out how many gummy bears were eaten in all. The results were a whopping 345 pieces. The class enjoyed their hands-on lesson as well as the . . .

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